Matthew Henry Study Bible available for Online Bible. iOS-apps, iBook and Kindle

The Matthew Henry Study Bible is developed to supply the user with a handy tool to access the Bible with commentary and devotional thoughts by Matthew Henry.

The Matthew Henry Study Bible is available for the Online Bible for Windows desktop application as a download. For the iPad and iPhone users a special app is developed. And Kindle users can use the special ebook edition.

 the text from the Bible (Authorised Version) is accessable together with two editions of the Matthew Henry (both the concise as well as the full unabridged edition).

Here follows an overview of the different editions, the content and possibilities.

Online Bible Edition
The Matthew Henry Study Bible for Online Bible desktop is available as an extended edition of the Online Bible Base Pack. More information is available on the onlinebible.org website. It comes with the full Matthew henry commentary and devotional thoughts.

iPad and iPhone Edition
The Matthew Henry Study Bible app for iPad and iPhone comes with both the full Matthew Henry commentaries and devotional thoughts as well as the concise edition. The features of this app:
  • Quality reading of the text by well thought out design
  • Quality reading of the Matthew Henry commentary
  • Possibility of having the text of the Bible and the Matthew Henry commentary side by side
  • Search the text of the Bible or the Matthew Henry commentary
  • Display of search results in bible book order
  • Open a search result in full context
  • Read bible-crossreferences mentioned in the Matthew Henry in a popup
  • Open a biblepassage in the popup in its full context on the main screen
The Matthew Henry Study Bible app is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You can obtain this app through iTunes Appstore

Kindle Edition
The Matthew Henry Study Bible for Kindle is an ebook-edition for the Kindle and currently one of the most widely appreciated editions of the Matthew Henry Study Bible. It comes with the concise edition of the Matthew Henry and a Bible of choice.

This ebook edition has some unique features:
  • Complete Study Bible containing the Bible text as well as Matthew Henry’s devotional study notes.
  • Bible text and devotional notes are fully integrated. You can read the bible text and notes without the need to jump back and forth to different locations. No need to switch between Bible and Commentary. You find Bible text and Matthew Henry notes close to each other, clearly distinguished from each other by typeface and background.
  • Contains Bible text, pericope titles and devotional study notes
  • Easy and quick navigation to every book, chapter and pericope
  • Optimised in design as well as readability. Clear distinction between bible text and commentary.
Select your edition of choice:
Matthew Henry Study Bible with Authorised King James Version ..
Matthew Henry Study Bible with Revised King James Version (Webster-edition) .. 
Matthew Henry Study Bible with Darby Translation ..

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