Update Online Bible iOS available / New download library for Windows

This week an update for the Online Bible for iOS was released. This update is now available in the appstore.

The update contains a new feature to copy and share bible verses. This option is available by tipping the start of a verse and select the copy and share item. The current verse is selected and added to the clipboard. With the + button you can add more verses. When selected all you need you can share it towards your editor, mailer or even directly into your Facebook profile.
The Online Bible for iOS (iPad and iPhone) is available from the appstore as a free Basepack.

The free Base Pack for the iPad / iPhone consists of:
  • Authorised (King James) Version with Strongs-numbers
  • Greek-English Lexicon
  • Hebrew-English Lexicon
  • Easton Bible Dictionary
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge cross-references and notes

New and updated download library for Windows

At the end of November 2013 we started a crowdfunding campaign to build a new downloadwebsite for Online Bible modules. During the last years we have distributed more than 1.500.000 base packs in different languages through the www.onlinebible.org website. To improve the capacity of the site, increase the user experience and expand the library with more titles a new site with free downloads is needed. However we did not have the financial resources to cover the costs. For this reason we decided to develope this new download site with a crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately this campaign was not succesful. After two months we had reached only 16% of the needed budget. One of the conditions for crowdfunding is that you reach the needed budget within 60 days. It was very disappointing we were not able to reach this target. We were considering how should we continue. The crowdfunding website was closed and people could no longer contribute. Than a few days after the ending of this disappointing campaign the unexpected happened. We received a donation from one person which covers another 75% of the needed fund. That means that now 92% of the budget is covered. This means we can continue with this project. We trust the remaining 8% (about us$ 200,-) will be covered in the coming weeks.

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