Online Bible for Android available

Online Bible for Android available

The Online Bible for Android is now available. Starting point to use the Online Bible for Android is the free Base Pack. You can download this free Base Pack from the app store.


The free Base Pack for Android consists of:
  • Authorised (King James) Version with Strongs-numbers
  • NET Bible
  • Greek-English Lexicon
  • Hebrew-English Lexicon
  • Easton Bible Dictionary
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge cross-references and notes
  • Themes
  • Themes Index
The Online Bible for Android comes with an in-app-store. Registered users can download more free content from this in-app-store. A short manual is available from within the app

What is next?

Our next project is to bring the current Online Bible for iOS in line with the Android so that both version work with the same users account system. By doing that you can use your data cross-platform on several devives like Android phone in combination with iPad, etc.

Of course we work on more features in the Android, bug fixes and more titles.

We invested hundreds of hours in the development of the Online Bible for Android so that you can benefit from it. Please tell others in your chuch, your house-group, your friends so that more can benefit from the nice features in the Online Bible apps.

Other ways you can help

  • Pray for our ministry
  • Spread the news. Forward this message to your friends. Tell them the Online Bible is now available for iOS and Android.
  • Like our Facebook-page.
  • Consider a donation ( we make very high costs )

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