Online Bible Android update available and other news

Yesterday an update of the Online Bible for Android was released. This update is now available in the Play-store.

With this update you obtain the possibility to change the size of the screen fonts. This was the most requested feature. If you use iOS-devoces as well (beside your Android) you can share downloaded and ordered titles on your iOS devices as well from the same Online Bible user-account.

The NET Bible moved from the Base Pack to a free in-app puchase from the Store. So the NET Bible is still available for you, but you have to download it from the Store.

It is highly recommended to create an Online Bible user-account as this is the only way in the Android version to obtain more free content (like the NET Bible), to share this content with other Android and iOS devices and to be able to buy extra titles. In the future more features will be added to this user-account.

If you haven't installed the Online Bible Basepack for Android it is available from the Play-store.  (For iOS from the appstore of course)

The free Base Pack consists of:
  • Authorised (King James) Version with Strongs-numbers
  • Greek-English Lexicon
  • Hebrew-English Lexicon
  • Easton Bible Dictionary
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge cross-references and notes

The store contains many free titles

NET Bible
21th Century King James Version
Webster Bible
The Fourfold Gospels
Family Bible New Testament Notes
The epistel to the Romans - an explanation for you - MG de Koning
Eclectic Notes on the Bible
The Gospel according to Matthew - G. van de Brink
Dictionary of Abbreviations

We hope to be able to add more free content in the future.

Ways you can help

The last two years we have invested a lot of time and money in the development of the Online Bible app for Android and iOS. In the coming year we want to offer more content and more features in the app. We want to reach as much as possible users with the free Base Pack and with the free content. The only way to reach this is with your help. You as user can make a difference to help us meeting the following needs:

  • Need for prayer
    Please pray for us that we are facing open doors and obtain all resources we need to continue
  • Need for publicity
    Please inform others about the Online Bible apps. Forward this message to your friends. Tell them the Online Bible is now available for Android and iOS. Write an article for your church-magazine or better on your church website, blog about us, share the link www.onlinebibleapp.com everywhere. Like our Facebook-page.
  • Need to inform you
    We send out news on the Online Bible apps and new Online Bible Windows downloads at olb-downloads.org (our other ministry project) by email newsletter. Take care we can inform you about new downloads and other Online Bible news. Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Need for money
    Two years of development means the investment of a lot of money. This was taken away from our living. We receive nothing for the thousends of downloads of the free Base Pack, even the opposite: it costs us money. The same for the free additional downloads. To continue we need money. Help us with your donation

Thank you,

Online Bible app-team:
Peter van der Schelde
Sjoerd van Noort

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