Pocket Dictionary Theological Terms available for Online Bible

Pocket Dictionary Theological Terms is now available for the Online Bible

over 300 theological terms clearly & concisely defined 
by Stanley J. Grenz, David Guretzki & Cherith Fee Nordling.

Great help to find the meaning of theological terms while reading other works in your Online Bible app. Simply click the word on your screen and the concise definition from this famous pocket dictionary is displayed.

Beginning to study theology is like stepping into a conversation that has been going on for two thousand years. How do you take part in this conversation — or even make sense of it — if you don't understand the vocabulary or know the contributions made by other participants?

 The Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms is the perfect companion to your theological studies. Among its three hundred-plus definitions are:

  • English terms, from accommodation to wrath of God
  • foreign terms, from a posteriori to via media
  • theological movements and traditions, from the Alexandrian School to Wesleyanism
  • theologians, from Anselm of Canterbury to Ulrich Zwingli
Here is an affordable and easily accessible resource for your theological readings. It's a must-have for every theological student.

You can order and download the Pocket Dictionary Theological Terms through OLB-modules.com.

OLB-modules.com contains add-on modules in several languages for the Online Bible desktop version. All add-on modules are intended for use on the Online Bible desktop edition. However if you have obtained the import function for Online Bible Android you can use these modules on your Android device as well.

Some other add-on modules you find at OLB-modules.com:

IVP Bible Background Commentary Old Testament - Walton, Matthews & Chavalas

Providing the cultural background of every passage in the Old Testament.

More information at OLB-modules.com

The New Testament Background Commentary - Harold W. Mare

Verse by verse commentary on the New Testament
Harold Mare has helped the modern reader by combining the best elements of both commentaries and dictionaries in his New Testament Background Commentary. It is both a commentary and a dictionary of words, phrases, and situations that shed light on the text.

More information at OLB-modules.com

For Android and iOS you can obtain this module as an in-app-purchase.

NET Bible Translators Footnotes

The 60,932 translators’ notes provide an extended dialogue between translator and you as reader about the alternatives for translation, options for interpretation, and finer nuances which are usually lost in translations of the Bible.

More information at OLB-modules.com

For Android and iOS you can obtain this module as an in-app-purchase.

Website with free downloads:

Earlier this year we introduced: OLB-downloads.org, a website with free downloads for he Online Bible.

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