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On The Road To Renewal - Clara VanDijk

How can you overcome your insecurities, build up a healthy relationship, face your fears?

In her book On the Road to Renewal, a practical approach to problems, Clara VanDijk guides you towards an alternative path and answers a myriad of questions along the way. Clara wrote this book using her own life experiences and knowledge of the Bible.

This book of more than 200 pages is exclusively available from  importantia.eu for just € 9,95 (approx. $ 11,14) >>>

Win a free copy of Focus Braintrainer with the Bible

Importantia Publishing has recently set up a Facebook page for English language books: https://www.facebook.com/importantiapublishing/

As soon as this page receives 100 likes, one ‘liker’ will receive a free printed copy of Focus Braintrainer with the Bible. Please make sure you like the page for a chance to win this wonderful book! Liking our Facebook page will also increase your chances of winning future free books.

Focus Braintrainer with the Bible is a great help which companions you as a teacher while you read the Bible. The 10 questions with every chapter in the Bible are a great help to obtain a real focus on the message of the Bible. Besides the printed edition there is a Kindle-edition available as well for just $ .99

A personal note from the publisher

This week I have been busy setting up the Facebook page for English language books available through Importantia Publishing. This is mainly to raise public awareness of Importantia Publishing, as well as to bring increased attention to the books we publish. You are welcome to give it a look. I appreciate if you give this facebook-page your Like.

I am also looking into the the world of reviewing. I know that many people enjoy writing reviews about books and place these on their blogs, church websites, literary sites or Amazon.

I then realised that some of this newsletter’s readers might review books themselves. If you are, I would love to know more. If you happen to enjoy writing an occasional book review, I would be extremely happy if you could contact me via the contact form on importantia.eu.

a warm Dutch greeting from,

Peter van der Schelde

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